Shipping and Delivery

         Delivery Date

          Any shipping date or delivery date stated represents Allpower's estimate of when the Products will be shipped or delivered, and depend upon ours prompt                    receipt of all necessary information and payment from customer. If customer causes Allpower to delay shipment or completion of the products, Allpower is not              liable for any delays, added costs, losses and failure to deliver within the time estimated will not be a material breach of the agreement on Allpower's part.                      Any failure by customer to pay for any shipment within the time stated for payment is an anticipatory material breach with regard to other shipments. 

          Without limiting the foregoing, Allpower may, but will not be required to, shorten lead times and deliver Products more quickly than originally estimated,                        in accordance with customer requests. Once Allpower commences production of products with regard to the same, Allpower will be receive payment therefor                and customer may not revise the timing for receipt.

         Shipping Procedure

          Due to showcases being large in nature, our products are shipped via freight ship by container. 

          If the payment terms is EX-FACTORY or FOB Shenzhen, China, the shipping forwarder will be selected by customer, such shipping will be at customer's sole                    expense and the customer bears the risk of ensuring the shipping method selected by customer is appropriate for customer's needs. 

          If the payment terms is CIF or DDU to customer's destination, the customary methods of shipping forwarder will be selected by allpower,  in its sole discretion,              and may be identified as a separate line item on the quote or provided to Purchaser after customer's order.  

          The following is only for the DDU:

          The easiest way to receive a showcase is to have a raised loading dock available at the delivery location. In addition, once a showcase product has been                          delivered, a forklift or pallet jack is recommended for unloading the order. It is the customer's responsibility for moving the product(s) inside to the desired                    location as well as the uncrating/unpacking and removal of packing materials. 

          The customer may request assistance with unloading the delivery; Allpower can arrange for assistance from the delivery company, however, 2 days advance                    notice is required and additional charges may be incurred and the delivery times and dates are arranged by delivery company.

          Truck lift gate delivery is available for locations that do not have access to a loading dock.  In this case, the delivery company will use a lift gate to lower the                    shipment to the ground.  The other terms of standard delivery still apply: the customer is required to move the product(s) inside to the desired location and the              customer is responsible for the removal of all packing and shipping materials.

         Inspection Procedure

          Inspect the delivery both on the outside as well as the inside to ensure that the contents are not damaged upon arrival. If the contents are damaged,                              please notify Allpower within 5 business days of receiving your delivery. Damage that occurs during transit is the responsibility of the shipping company.                        Allpower can assist filing a claim with the shipping company to be reimbursed for any damage that occurs during shipping as long as there is a legitimate                      claim that the damage was caused by the carrier. 

          Be sure to INSPECT YOUR SHIPMENT FOR DAMAGE BEFORE SIGNING THE DELIVERY RECEIPT (BILL OF LADING). The customer must note any damage on the                  bill of lading when accepting a shipment or the carrier will not assume responsibility for the damage and refuse to reimburse you, the customer, for the damage.            With NO exceptions, claims will not be approved for the discovery of concealed damage once the truck has left and the shipment has been signed for and                      accepted.  If damage is noted upon delivery, DO NOT discard any shipping boxes, packing materials, or pallet(s). In order to file a claim, all cartons & packaging            materials must be available for inspection.  

          Note: If the delivery company will not let you thoroughly insect your shipment before leaving, sign the bill of lading as damaged.

          All product orders, purchases and sales are subject to the General Terms and Conditions of Sale which can be found at Terms and Conditions and are                            incorporated by reference.  Any contrary provisions are rejected, objectionable and void.