Interior Fixtures

           As a provider of bespoke store interior fixtures solutions, we are able to provide tailored services to our customers to fit their needs. 

           Such services include not only showcases and millwork fabrication services, but also fit-out construction services and the installation of fixtures, furniture                         for our customers.

           In relation to our fit-out construction related work, we will conduct preliminary design interview with our customer to clarify the general design concept once                 our quotation is confirmed. Initial site survey and site-marking will be carried out to facilitate a more detailed planning. 

           At the construction stage, the fit-out work will be carried out by local contractors. Our project manager will be on-site to conduct quality check and inspection               and to ensure our projects are progressing on schedule. 

           Our design also covers the areas of mechanical and electrical planning, and the layout of showcases, decor and other appliances. 

           Our R&D team utilizes advanced computer software to assist them with their technical drawings and 3D modeling. 

           We will have continuous discussion with our customer and modify the plan as necessary to address their specific needs before reverting the final design                         proposal  along with the cost estimation. 

           We aim to deliver a safe, functional, attractive and creative design proposal to our customers with the combination of designers' creativity and technical                         knowledge.