Technology & Engineering


           We produce high quality development and manufacturing solutions for retail environments which include showcases, fixtures, furniture and millwork.

           Our technical team carry out structural calculations and prepare drawings for the interior fixtures required by our clients. And the materials to be used for the                 production of the products will be considered with reference to any environmental or regulatory requirements and specifications. 

           We incorporate the designers & architects vision that they lay out and ensure a thoroughly professional final product.  We also work with clients on a one to                   one basis and are happy to help create any unique design that meets their budget and timeline.

           For the interior fixtures, our engineering team carry out structural calculations and prepared drawings for the fixtures required by our clients. We also carry out               onsite measurement to verify the analysis and make alterations as appropriate.  

           We provide also covers the areas of showcases and display lighting, mechanical and electrical planning, and the layout of furniture, decor and other appliances.             Our technology team will then conduct site survey and plan for the interior layout of the design, providing several design options while highlighting each of                   their pros and cons for our client's consideration.