Logistics & Delivery



           We dedicated to providing our clients with the service in global freight and local delivery, from the less than container load to full container load to aircargo,                 we will get your finished products where they need to go safely and efficiently.

           Due to the protection of glass showcases safety, we used plywood crate for the packaging and increase the space for the forklift at the bottom to unloading.                 The plywood crate is very strong and the internal packaging materials are also well protected,  so that the showcases will not be damaged after long-distance                 transportation via freight ships and trucks.

           If the payment terms is EXW or FOB China, the shipping forwarder will be selected by client, such shipping will be at client's sole expense and the client bears                 the risk of ensuring the shipping method selected by client is appropriate for client's needs. 

           If the payment terms is CIF or DDU to client's destination, the customary methods of shipping forwarder will be selected by us,  in its sole discretion, and may                 be identified as a separate line item on the quote or provided to purchaser after client's order.  

           The following is only for the DDU:

           Due to showcases, fixtures, millworks and furniture being large in nature, we delivered via trucks and a forklift is recommended for unloading the packing. 

           The client may request assistance with unloading the delivery, we can arrange for assistance from the delivery company, however, 2 working days advance                     notice is required and additional charges may be incurred and the delivery times and dates are arranged by delivery company.

           Truck lift gate delivery is available for locations that do not have access to a loading dock.  In this case, the delivery company will use a lift gate to lower the                   shipment to the ground. The other terms of standard delivery still apply, the client is required to move the products inside to the desired location and the                       client is responsible for the removal of all packing and shipping materials.