Installation Services


           As a factory and provider of bespoke store interior solutions, we are able to provide custom made services to our clients to fit their needs. Such services include             not only showcases, display fixtures, millwork and furniture, display lighting but also installation services for our clients.

           We have provided installation services, whether it's one install location or multiple locations across several countries, we would engage local contractors, the                   trained and skilled professionals are experienced to deliver the fit-out construction services to our clients for the relevant projects.

           In relation to our installation related work, we will conduct preliminary design interview with our client to clarify the general design concept once our quotation             is confirmed. Initial site survey and site-marking will be carried out to facilitate a more detailed planning. 

           Prior to assembly of the interior fixtures, we will be mocked-up and upon the client's confirmation, the facade is then fabricated and assembled based on the                 drawings. Pre-fabrication of the fixtures enables us to have close control over their quality and also helps to reduce any additional modifications required at the             installation stage. 

           At the construction stage, the installation work will be carried out by local contractors. Our team will be on-site to conduct quality check and commissioning will             be conducted to ensure proper installation and fitting. Practical completion is reached upon client inspection and handover of the worksite.