Who We Are

    Our Factory

    Founded in 2000, Allpower has remained a business dedicated to offering the finest custom                      showcases and fixtures available on the market today. We have our own factory and we work in the          modern new offices.

    We have an administration system in conformity with the requirements of certification and                        accreditation: ISO 9001:2008 GB/T19001-2008.

    Our factory's ERP system is SAP, also our electronic accessories have CE & UL certification.

    sap_logo.jpgCE.jpg         iso-9001-2008-500x300.jpg    

    Our Purpose

    As humans, we relentlessly search for meaning. 

    We have an itch to do more - to grow, learn and seek something new. 

    While change requires embracing the unknown, we know that only by breaking out of our own                worlds can we make a better one. And at Allpower display, we bring this promise to life with every            product we create. 

    That's why we build heart into everything we make and do. From the factory to shop, we've always          crafted with an eye to the future. We believe that we can do more than just search for meaning.                Because we dare to be makers of possibility.

woman-in-white-long-sleeve-shirt-holding-pen-3804043.jpg    Your Support Team, Every Step of the Way.

    DISPLAY 2 SHOP (D2S) is a support service that provides upfront design collaboration, critical path          timelines, finish development, technical reviews and a team dedicated to your specific project. 

    Through our business, design concepts become reality. From design concept to live production,                when you need a job done right, go to the right partner - Allpower Display. 

    Rest assured, you're in trusted hands.