The following documents is to help understand the types of surface finishes commonly used in the metal showcases. If you have any questions regarding a                     specific materials listed or have an alternative design you'd like to have quoted, please contact us for more information.


          Luxury metal showcases finishes

           Our customised and bespoke specialist metal finishing service allows designers scope for endless possibilities with luxury showcases design.

           The types of metals we used mostly are aluminium, stainless steel and brass, From these base metals we are able to create a wide variety of finishes.                                 Our popular standard finishes are 'Antique Bronze' and 'Champagne Gold' , but there are plenty more.


          PVD coating finishes

           PVD coating is a relatively new finish that we offer. There are a number of interesting colours offered in polished (mirror) and brushed  (hairline) options.                         The stainless steel is polished and then coated. This allows for a finish that resembles brass and combines the strength of steel. This has a practical application               for creating a weight bearing frame or leg, which brass would not allow.



          Antiqued metal finishes

           To make the antiqued finish the metal is brushed and then painted. We can achieve a very light or very dark colour using this method. We can also oxidise the               brass to give a very matt tarnished look which works particularly well on a more intricate silhouette.



          Powder coating finishes

           We also offer a powder-coating finish. This is applied to cleaned steel or aluminium frames and offers a durable finish that can be gloss or matt.                                       We have a variety of standard powder-coat finishes including white, black, bronze, taupe, silver and gun metal.


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           The metal finishes collection can be seen here