The following documents is to help understand the types of lacquer commonly used in the dislay fixtures showcases. If you have any questions regarding a                    specific materials listed or have an alternative design you'd like to have quoted, please contact us for more information. 

           We used fast drying lacquer with high coverage and filling properties for professional use. To treat surfaces, treated and untreated, of wood, metal, glass, stone             and various types of MDF. The lacquer has a lasting gloss and colour, is scratch free and shock proof and is rust preventive. Furniture lacquer is non-fading and             UV resistant and resistant to weather influences. Also understanding how color palettes work is a fundamental element of any project, particularly in interior                   design and the more commonly used color systems are RAL and Pantone.

           The RAL color system is used mainly for lacquer coating. It is the go-to system when you're designing physical products that need to be coated. When talking               about RAL colors it is the RAL classic system we are referring to. Pantone is known worldwide as the standard for color communication in the printing world.                 The system was initially designed for the graphics industry, but it has also proven useful across a surprising range of industries.

           ral-k7-faecher.jpg   pantone.jpg


          Types of Paint Finishes

           Paint sheen means the level of glossiness in paint. Within the our interior paint family, finishes fall into six basic categories. While subjective, we attempt to                     describe the feel of the paint as much as its look.

          Flat                                                                                                             Stain


          Matte                                                                                                         Semi-gloss


          Gloss                                                                                                          High-gloss



           A clear lacquer can be used on a wood veneer surface, you can employ a shiny colored lacquer to display cases more noticeable, or you can employ a antiqued             lacquer to make display cases have a classical effect. 

          Pure Lacquer


           lp3.jpg    lp4.jpg

          Colored Lacquer

          lc18.jpg      lc6.jpg   lc9.jpg

          lp1.jpg   1599547034988085.jpg

          Antiqued Lacquer



          Wood Veneer Lacquer



           Gold & Sliver-Foil