Upholstery supplies for your display cases can make or break the end result. We provide the high quality upholstery supplies, helping you produce high quality             display cases from the very beginning. We can advise on the right leatherette or microfiber fabric for your upholstery display cases, here we offer a guide to                   greater understanding. If you have any questions regarding a specific materials listed or have an alternative design you'd like to have quoted, please contact us             for more information.

           We don't use the animals leather, no animals harmed, we used the more eco-friendly and humane alternative materials, the leatherette it's a good sustainable               alternatives to animals leather for people who prefer to use non-animal products. 

           If we cannot make your product as designed we will do our best to advise you on possible alternative.



          PU Leather (also known as Leatherette, Artificial leather, Microfiber leather)

           PU leather, or polyurethane leather, is an artificial leather made of thermoplastic polymer used for making furniture. PU leather was created to have the same                 look and feel of leather, but without using actual animal skin and is considered vegan.

           PU leather typically has the same general feel of leather, but it's typically a little lighter than genuine leather. PU leather isn't quite as durable as real leather                   but it doesn't crack or fade when exposed to spotlight as some real leathers can. In terms of maintenance, PU leather rarely requires much maintenance and                   can usually just be wiped down with a damp rag. This is why it is frequently used for display and showcases.

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          Microfiber Suede

          Microfiber suede is a man-made polyester fabric. Polyester can be made from both natural products, such as plant cuticles, and synthetics. Microsuede is a knit             blend created from fibers that are very fine, sometimes a hundred times finer than human hair. These delicate fibers are tightly woven together to create a                     dense fabric that has many of the same qualities as suede leather, yet is generally much easier to clean than real suede and is usually much softer, as well. 

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           Upholstery Furniture         

           We provide upholstery furniture to complement the overall aesthetics and conceptual elements of the interior layout of our clients. 

           The materials to be used for the production of the upholstery furniture will be considered with reference to environmental or regulatory requirements and                     specifications. The upholstery furniture produced must meet the particular specifications requested by our clients. Upon satisfactory safety testing and quality                 control assessment, the final products will be packaged for transportation to the store location of our clients. 

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